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ID Me 911 is changing the way police agencies across the country conduct missing person investigations, making communication with communities easier.

Missing person notifications

Once a police officer completes their  preliminary investigation, they can utilize the ID Me 911 App to send an instant missing person notification to all police officers in their agency, all police officers in a chosen radius, and community members.  The notification will contain a photograph, name, physical description, and any other information that may be important to the investigation.  *Community members will receive limited information to include name, physical description, and the name of the investigating agency. These notifications are much like AMBER Alerts but without the restrictions or time delays.



vulnerable populations

ID Me 911 created a secure network for families and caretakers to create profiles of their loved ones, especially those in a vulnerable population (children, aging seniors, those with cognitive impairments).  Profiles include their name, physical description, photograph, information about their wandering habits, triggers, calming methods, and emergency contact information.  In the event your loved one is reported missing, their profile can be printed and provided to police officers efficiently and accurately. This helps to reduce the chances of inadvertently providing inaccurate information due to stressful circumstances.  


identify those unable to communicate

It is not uncommon for a police officer to encounter an individual who is unable to communicate with them due to a cognitive disability like Autism, Dementia, or a traumatic brain injury.  In events like these, police officers can search the network with information they may have like a name, physical descriptors, or partial address.  If the individual is registered in the network, the officer will be able to locate their profile which will include emergency contact information and ensure a quick return to their family or loved ones. 

Community Member familiarization

Police Officers will be able to review profiles of those who have a tendency to wander.  This allows them to become familiar with those individuals so officers can keep a watchful eye out for them as they patrol their neighborhoods. 

What is ID Me 911?

ID Me 911 is a network and an App custom built for families who have loved ones who are members of a vulnerable population.  Whether they are children, have a cognitive impairment like dementia or Autism, or they tend to wander from the home.  Family members can enroll their loved one(s) in our network and create a profile for them.  If their loved one(s) ever need to be reported missing, they can print their profile page and have it available for Law Enforcement.  This reduces the time of the preliminary investigation and helps to avoid the inadvertent sharing of inaccurate information due to the chaos of the situation.

It is not uncommon for Law Enforcement to encounter someone who has wandered from their home but has not yet been reported missing.  Often, these individuals have a difficult time communicating who they are or where they currently live.  Law Enforcement is able to utilize the App to search the ID Me 911 Network with the limited information they may have (first name, street name, physical description) to try to find a match.  When they find the match, the person’s profile will contain emergency contact information for their family or caretaker.

If the individual is not enrolled in the network, Law Enforcement can send a “Do You Know Me” notification to every member of their agency, surrounding agencies, and community members who have downloaded the App.  The idea is that someone would know the person and contact the Law Enforcement agency resulting in a safe and efficient return to their home.

Additionally, Law Enforcement can utilize the App to send Missing Person Notifications just like a “Do You Know Me” notification, again, with the hopes more people will be looking for the missing person in real time and facilitate a safe return home.  These notifications are much like an AMBER Alert but without restrictions or time delays.

The App is FREE to community users. iPhone users can download the App (Android App is coming soon) or use the website,

You must create a User Account before registering a loved one. Once you have completed the profile page(s), you can edit them at any time. ALL DATA IS SECURE. ONLY AUTHORIZED LAW ENFORCEMENT CAN ACCESS THE DATA.

How It Works

There are many ways ID Me 911 works to identify and locate a missing person. Click below to read more.


All data is completely secured. Only Authorized Law Enforcement Users can access the data.

Register Online

All submissions to the ID Me 911 website are voluntary.  All data is stored and transmitted using the latest encryption.

Law Enforcement

If you’re interested in partnering with ID Me 911, please contact us for more information.

What our Users Say

I love the peace of mind IDMe911 provides for my family!
– Jamie Sonneville

About Us

In February 2014, Founder Steve MacNeal was working as a police officer in a rural community in Wayne County, New York. He was dispatched to a small, frozen creek for the report of a child “trapped” on the ice. Upon arrival, he learned the child was not trapped on the ice, however, he was playing on a frozen creek bed, placing himself in a dangerous situation.

The child displayed characteristics commonly found in someone on the Autism Spectrum. The lights and sirens of the responding ambulances and firetrucks caused the child to have a difficult time communicating about his name, where he lived, or his parent’s names. Fortunately, after some delay, First Responders were able to locate the child’s parents and return him to his family uninjured.

As a result of this incident, Steve recognized the need for a program that not only allows family members to enroll their loved ones in our network that is searchable by Law Enforcement when they encounter individuals like this young man, but one that also has the ability to quickly and efficiently allow Law Enforcement to send mass notifications when they are looking for a missing person.

ID Me 911 is now available to everyone for FREE. iPhone users can download the App (The Android App is coming soon) or you can visit our website,


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Law Enforcement

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What else should I know?

Your loved one’s information is important to us.  As such, this information is maintained on secure servers with strict security measures. We test the security of our network and servers on a regular basis.  

We do not collect or maintain medical or intellectual information that would require HIPAA compliance.  Those registering their loved ones should NOT include medical or intellectual information in their profiles.  

We will never share your information with a third party vendor outside the Law Enforcement community.

Information contained in the network can only be viewed by the person who completed the profile and sworn Law Enforcement Professionals. Other community users will NOT have access to your loved one’s profiles.  

Law Enforcement Professionals are NOT authorized to use the information contained in the network for criminal investigations. If an agency is found to be in violation of this policy, the agency involved is subject to removal from the network.

 **Only sworn Law Enforcement personnel will have access to the network’s search functions.   

You can create a profile for your loved one FREE of charge regardless of your local police department’s participation in the program, however, they will not have access to the database or the ability to send missing person notifications unless they have enrolled.  Please contact your local police department or municipality and ask them to partner with ID Me 911 to keep your loved ones safe.

Your peace of mind is just as important as their safety.

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